Physicians’ Wealth Creation System™

As a medical professional, you know how to handle a scalpel or a stethoscope, but do you also know the best way to operate when it comes to financial matters?

If you’re thinking about getting a second opinion, you’ll find we are the acknowledged specialists in this field. And like you, we adhere to a stringent code of ethics.

The Wealth Creation System™ is our prescription for your success. Designed to accommodate the specific needs of medical professionals, it ensures we make smart and balanced decisions together, often by bringing together an expert team with the special skills that your particular situation demands.

Consult with The Tower Group and the prognosis will be a healthier practice that offers financial independence where work is a choice rather than a necessity.

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TOWER GROUP INSIGHT: Moments we are most proud of...

When a physician phoned us at midnight to express his gratitude for our services, we felt very grateful. This client went on to tell others: “I cannot put a dollar amount on it, but Pam and Kelly have been invaluable to my business AND to my’s hard to describe their value. You must experience it in person!”