Life is about more than money

No two people want the same things from life. You may be building a career or a business, buying your first house, or travelling the world. What unites everyone is the need to align their personal ambitions with their financial resources.

That's where The Tower Group comes in.

We tailor your financial plan around what matters most to you. We take into account your whole life—education and career ambitions, healthcare issues, insurance needs, community giving, legal concerns, tax matters, and legacy planning—in addition to your finances. And we stick with you through it all, adjusting your plan as needed to meet changing goals and life's setbacks.

Regardless of where you are in life, you'll find an honest, steady and focused friend in The Tower Group.

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Today's dreams, tomorrow's legacy.

As wealth managers, we care about much more than your finances.

We go to great lengths to help you create your definition of wealth and discover what matters most to you. It's about having a personalized and written financial plan but, most importantly, following the plan and making necessary course corrections along the way.

To create that plan, we combine our expertise with your dreams. Few firms do. Perhaps that's why our comprehensive approach has brought us success and awards for innovation in this highly specialized field.

Achieving this degree of insight into your life is the key difference between being ordinary investment managers and wealth managers such as ourselves.

Follow our proprietary approach and customized financial modeling to find the best match between your financial resources and the life you want.

Staying in touch

We take pride in working with you, as well as for you.

Clear, consistent communication is the beating heart of our relationship. We offer various ways to learn and to stay in touch. Some clients like detailed progress reports, while others prefer brief, quarterly chats in our office or over the phone. You choose the approach that works best for you. Whatever your preference, you'll continually gain understanding and, most important of all, peace of mind.

We are also available at short notice to discuss anything you consider important about your financial portfolio or your life in general.

We are honored that most of our clients consider us friends in whom they can confide and whose advice they can trust.