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The Tower Group has partnered successfully with our amazing clients for over 20 years. By aligning private passions with personal finances, we create comprehensive financial plans that integrate the advice of many experts. We believe that you shouldn’t follow the crowd; follow a philosophy and follow a plan.

Our company is named after the Calgary Tower that opened its doors in 1968 as a tribute to Canada's centennial. It was recognized for being unique and also not following the crowd – with its innovative continuous concrete pour, designed to withstand extreme forces. It remains as a pillar of significance in Calgary.

Like its namesake, The Tower Group is a class of its own, providing a rock solid foundation built upon uncompromising expertise that can withstand life’s unexpected events. Similar to the innovative 360° perspective view of Calgary, which was the building philosophy of The Calgary Tower, we offer a 360 unique view of your life, your finances and your future.
















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