The Wealth Creation System™

The Tower Group team cares deeply about sheltering our clients from financial drama. We achieve that by working closely with you to create a financial foundation strong enough to sustain you through every stage of life.

Our hands‐on process, underpinned by the proprietary Wealth Creation SystemTM shown here, delivers quality advice in terms you can understand while nurturing your growing sense of security about the future.

We ensure that your financial plan keeps pace with the changes in your life, becoming more comprehensive and more integrated with the passage of the years. Your goals and dreams will benefit at every stage along the way.

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TOWER GROUP INSIGHT: Moments we are most proud of...

A client once said to us that he had heard about The Tower Group during these exceptional times of confusion and change and was intrigued by our often contrarian philosophy and values. Once we started working with him, he acknowledged that we turned the fear and confusion ‘out there’ into excitement and opportunity, simply by having a plan and sticking to it.


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